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Cincinnati and Southern Ohio: August 27 through September 2, 2008

The Giants

A Great Park
Settling In
Playing the Game
Play On
And Play More
Cheering Them On
Postgame Fireworks

The End Game

Over the River
Baseball Surrealism

Summer Fireworks

The Light Fades
The Sky Explodes

The Central Fountain

Architectural Studies

Art Deco Writ Large (the Carew Tower, 1931)

Jazz Age Exuberance
Interior Art Deco

Once Elegant Travel (Cincinnati Union Terminal, 1931)
The Press Empire (the Times-Star Building, 1933)
Over the Rhine (the old city)

Two Odd Shots

Cape Cod, August 2007

Cape Cod Light – Highland Light (Cape Cod Light)

Wellfleet – the ultimate Cape Cod town

Horror Vacui – a whaling captain’s mansion

Cape Cod Birds

Cape Cod Blooms

Cape Cod Candid

Cape Cod Sunset

New York City, April 2005

Manhattan: Façades and Details
Landmarks: Manhattan Reinterpreted
Symbols: New York’s Finest
Acting Up: Manhattan Theater District
New York: A Good Day in Manhattan

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